Applying for College

January 23, 2014

I remember those feelings so well. I had a tally on my notebook senior year as to how many days were left of high school. Don’t get me wrong, I loved high school and my friends, but by that point in time I was ready to move on. Rebecca and I sat down with two high school seniors recently and talked with them about applying to college, writing their college essays and leaving home.

It was so much fun seeing the world through their eyes. What’s important enough to write about in a college essay? How did they choose? What did they omit?

I honestly don’t remember what I wrote in mine, but I’d love to know what it was. What was so important to me as I was about to leave the nest?

What a treat to look back with nostalgia on a time of such amazing possibility….


This segment illustrates this time and place for young adults on the verge of high school graduation and as they become freshmen again.

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