Being More Than Chronic Pain

March 12, 2014

French physician Albert Schweitzer proclaimed in 1931 that, “pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself”.

In this week’s segment, we heard from Tracy who discussed living with chronic pain. We learned through our research that pain affects more Americans than Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer combined.

Tracy talked a lot about taking being “pain-free” for granted. As a stay- at-home mother, the entire family relies on you to be up and about and active. I know from my own experience as a mom how true this really is. Whether it’s driving the kids around or packing lunches or chasing around a toddler…it all involves getting up and moving. These are things that I do without considering the effort they take physically.

She also reflected on the difficulty of asking for help, especially when you are afflicted with something that’s not necessarily definable or visible. Parenting is hard enough as it is, adding in that extra layer of discomfort emotionally and physically can make it seem impossible…

Hope you’ll listen to how Tracy makes it work.

Being More Than Chronic Pain

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