The Mo Bros of Movember

November 19, 2013

On a rainy, dreary, Seattle morning last week we got a chance to cozy up at the Eastlake home of Derrick Peters. We sat indian-style on the floor with Derrick and his co-mo-bro, Jon Ducrou to talk mustaches and Movember. Both guys serve on the Seattle board and are involved nationwide. Rebecca and I walked in knowing a bit about the org, but not much. We knew that dudes grow staches to raise awareness of mens' health.

Thanks to Derrick and Jon, we got to know the real "face" of the organization and what it's all about. These two really seem to represent the Movemeber movement....young men who have had a male family member or friend affected by cancer. They help encourage people to talk frankly about mens' health issues. We were struck by the youth and vitality that this approach brings to such a serious and important topic.

They talked a lot about keeping things light, fun and open. They each have their own personal reasons for being drawn to this cause and together have reached and brought in probably thousands of people over of years....shaving down and growing staches all month long and most importantly talking openly about the topic and raising money. This year celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Movember - a month of growing mustaches for bros all over the world.

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