We’re The Kids In America

February 26, 2014

This week, we talked to Padmaja, a first-time mom from India living with her little girl and husband in the Seattle area. We talked about the differences in raising girls in the U.S. and India and one of the themes that really came out in our discussion was the way little girls in the United States are obsessed with all things girly, pink and princessy.

As a mom of a daughter myself, our conversation with her got me thinking, once again, about the “princess culture” unique to our country. Although we’ve come a long way in how we message opportunities and experiences to girls, we’re still stuck in this “pretty pink princess” land. It makes me sad to think that this is the best we can do for our little girls. No matter what we teach in our own homes, this messaging is so pervasive out in the world and in school that it’s practically unavoidable.

I loved hearing Padmaja’s perspective on making a home here and the differences, both good and bad, from her homeland of India….from the big things, like raising a child to the smaller things, like learning to drive.


Listen to our interview with Padmaja.

Read Padmaja's blog to hear more about her experiences.

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