When anything can happen...

March 27, 2014

Anything can happen……

This week we begin a two-part story from a friend of ours, Sabina Burd. You’ll also be able to listen to it in one piece soon here on our website. This story is striking to me in so many ways and on multiple levels. A small part of it is that I have a personal connection to the storyteller. In larger part, there are countless elements within her tale that are both inspiring and a reminder of the precarious nature of our time here on earth.

Part One begins with a cross-country road trip that she took with her husband and two school-age girls last summer. They start out fresh in a brand new car taking in all of the sites our country has to offer-both big and small. As it turns out, getting home safely ends up being the focus of this wild adventure.

After getting her family settled back in at home, Sabina begins an even bigger journey. Listen to Part Two when it’s posted and look out for another blog post about it!

Sabina is an amazing, strong and truly positive person who refused to let the events of her last year bring her down.

Listen to Part One of Sabina's story.

Also, be sure to check out Sabina’s gorgeous and expressive photography at

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