When a family secret is revealed

May 18, 2014
We all have our own personal stories. The story that makes up our life to the present. But, what if you find out at some point down the road that much of what ou believed to be true…isn't?
Rebecca and I heard Suzan's incredibly candid story about what she came to find out about her conception and genetic origins. Being a doctor and a person of science, Suzan possesses a natural curiousity and desire to find out everything she can about a time that was not documented.
Her story was so intriguing to me in many ways. Although Suzan talked a lot about the process of finding her biological father, I found the human connections she made along the way fascinating. The "ladies" who had found their biological father, the elderly doctor in Florida that she spoke to on the phone and her own mother reaching out to her daughters and revealing a truth that she otherwise would have taken to her grave.
This tale is truly one of relationships and the quest to find out who we are connected to.

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