A Year of Perspective

November 12, 2013

As the holidays quickly approach, we all think about family and travel- either to get to or away from it!

Our story this week comes from author, world-traveler and dad-John Higham.

He and his family did something I’ve always longed to do. They dropped out of the American rat race for a year to travel the world and expose their kids to many different cultures. He discusses the highs and lows and about settling into life back in the U.S. HFC has spoken to three separate families who’ve done this in a variety ways and for varying lengths of time. Each time, Rebecca and I dream of how we would approach this sort of adventure with our own families. In some ways, it seems difficult to leave the known life in the U.S., the routine and what is comfortable…I often wonder how my family would hold up when put to the test of different cultures and the intensity of foreign travel for that length of time. I like to think we would thrive, but you never can tell until you do it!

Two of our featured segments have been from our storyteller this week, John Higham, whose book is 360 Degrees Longitude and Annie Andre of Practical Adventurology.

Listen to their story or check out their writing to get inspired and to read firsthand family experiences or travel abroad.,

And to hear more about a family who took a year off to travel the world, listen to the Lyss Lorens' story aired last year.

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